Human Powered Data

Aggregate market data for your organisation and gain real-time insights, instantly and affordably,
from millions of Jamans on stand-by

Market Research and Surveys

Get fast, digital market research – including survey design, data analysis and actionable insights to grow your business. All achievable while tracking your survey with our real­ time analytics dashboard.

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Product Engagement and Sales Monitoring

If you need to activate a new product or service, you need to get the crowd on your side. Our workers are always ready to try new things and give you feedback about what they think of them.

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Mystery Shoppers

Get consumers from your target market on your team today to investigate your product, promotion or service.

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Merchandising and Audits

Find out what’s happening with your product and merchandising in­-store right now. Get people to conduct in­-store merchandising audits of your products (and the competition) quickly – and at a fraction of the cost of traditional field teams.

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Mapping and Data Collection

Collect photo and GPS­ verified points of where your product is stocked, or even where your competitor’s product is stocked. Allow people to gather information near them while they are out and about. By harnessing the power of the crowd, data collection is cheaper, faster and more reliable than any other method.

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On-device Education

Educate your Jamans where and when you need to – with speed, flexibility, and robust testing in place to ensure they have learned what they need to know. Quickly disseminate educational materials to the right people at the right locations.

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Get fast, digital market research – including survey design and actionable insights to grow your business